Fossa is a unique creature, rare, hard to find.  So it is with good design and a trustworthy company.

We have experience in advertising and graphics, and we’ve spent time in the brick and mortar stores working one-on-one with customers to achieve their graphical goals. – We believe this experience can be achieved online.

Eliminating the physical overhead costs and maintaining the personal feel is what we’re about.  Think brick and mortar feel with web pricing.  We want you the customer to be happy, and to provide you with design that is fresh and fits your needs.  We’re real people, not a robot, not web code.  When you receive a message from us, count on the fact that it is hand-written.  We also don’t want to give you false hope with product turn-around. If it can be done in an afternoon – we’ll do it, if it’s going to take a week, we’ll tell you.

“Think brick and mortar feel with web pricing.”

If you’re considering a new look for your company, or starting a fresh endeavor, consider our corporate branding services. Or perhaps you already have a logo and would like to see it in print, consider our business card design or contact us for other printing projects.

Eye catching design, design that speaks without words, this is Fossa.