Fossa now has presence on Etsy!

We launched a new line of designed products;  Felicity by Fossa features popular design themes for your special occasion.  As we’ve just started we only have products for weddings and graduations.  With success (and a little more time) we’ll add products for other occasions as well (think babies, and well just about anything worth celebrating).

There’s still the brick and mortar feel with web pricing through our Etsy store.  And the Felicity by Fossa items will stay exclusive to that site.  Customers place their order and make their information change requests; we send them a digital copy of their card and they’re left with the freedom to print them wherever.  However if they want to maximize their value and get quick turn-around they can select from our assortment of quality paper types and have us produce them!

Check out our store here: FelicityByFossa